Market Research has never been more relevant to decision makers especially now when COVID-19 has hit all aspects of the society. Although often times viewed as a cost rather than as an investment, market research has become more important to help businesses make evidence-based and sound decisions in their transformation and survival. But market research does not only apply to businesses, professionals and content creators can also leverage on it for personal branding and profile-raising.

As the need to go digital has never been more pressing than now, market research can be the bread-and-butter of your digital footprint. It could direct you to the right path of expanding your network, guide you on how to reach out and connect with your target market, and help you lay out the foundation of your content and overall branding. As what Jeff Bezos said “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” And through market research, you will be able to get more than that kind of information and leverage on a data-driven brand.

How do you make Market Research work for your brand?

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  1. Refine your UVP. You already have a digital footprint be it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or a personal blog/website. You are already sitting on tons of data that you just need to weave a story and extract the insights. Listen and learn from your audience and align your unique value proposition with your market.

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  1. Stand out from the crowd. When somebody searches for your name or portfolio, you would want to come out on the top of the list. How do you make it happen while more than 51 per cent of the global population, or 4 billion people, are using the Internet1? This is where market research comes in handy. Based on the profiles of your target market combined with other market information and the magic of search engine optimization, the chances that your page or profile landing on top of search results would be high.

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  1. Follow the crowd or create your own path. This will all depend on your risk-appetite. But no matter which approach you decide to take, a data-driven strategy for the niche-market you have in mind, or assessments based on evidence and not assumptions when joining the bandwagon, will lead you to a more strategic and outcome-driven approach in your branding and profile raising.

We understand that market research is not a walk in the fields. It involves time, confidence, strategic know-how, and an objective and clear rationale to even make it happen. We at The Stratisan can be your partner in establishing and growing your brand and raising your profile.